Monday, September 26, 2011

Sofa City Sweet Hearts Giveaway

Sofa City Sweethearts Giveaway 

This is an item that I have a great deal of experience with, All three of my dogs wear Sofa City Sweethearts Tags! 

I also own her jewelry, and want to take a moment to warn are about to fall in love! 

Carrie is an amazing modern artist, her work has been featured in many magazines. 

And many more... 

She has jewelry and dog accessories sold all over the country. 

She is giving a WONDERFUL package to ONE LUCKY READER! 

The winner of this giveaway will be able to pick one of 
                       Sofa City's custom made Dog tags! 

And since you need a collar to hang that get to pick one of her awesome collars that are made from vintage belts, so many to choose from. All different and with loads of character! 

Then, since you have the collar and the tag. Might has well dress your fur baby up a little more and pick One flower or necktie of your choice! 

I know, you are hyperventilating from cutest overload! 

Well, win this package by completing the RaffleCopter Below 

Easy to enter! 

This contest is for USA and Canada Only 
Ends on 10/4/11
Monkey Love And Peace! 

Friday, September 23, 2011

BLOG HOP Fridays

Blog HOP HOP HOP Fridays! 

On Fridays I will introduce to you the blogs on our Hop! 

Make sure to visit our hop page and link up your blog, to be featured here:) 

And the biggest part of the hop, is meeting other people....


Visit these awesome Blogs! 

From the first post I saw, I was a follower, adorable family. witty insight. 

You have to see her work!!! She is why there are blog hops! 

She has so many wonderful things on her blog. And if you are a reader, this is the blog for you!

Hope that the hop keeps hopping, head over there and share your blog. We would like to meet you! 

Monkey Love and Peace! 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Peace, Love and Poop's 1000 Celebration


For reaching 1000 fans! 

She is having a 

She has some great giveaways going on right now! 

(my kids are praying for this one ha) 

(So cool) 

Now these I am already attached too! I am getting one for sure, I am a photographer that 
owns a preschool. Can you even imagine. One of these should be built into my camera! 
Shooting for the howl myself, HOOOOO would you want? :) 

I live on the MS Gulfcoast, I could NEVER have too many of these things! 

Congrats again on your

(especially me)

Pure Romance Giveaway

Pure Romance Giveaway 

Yes, the monkeys believe in the ART of Romance. 

Pure Romance By Stephanie is going to give one lucky reader a 

$25 Dollar Gift Certificate to 

And this is why the Monkeys are giving a nod to this business 

The idea of paying it forward is a philosophy that lies close to the heart of every individual passionate about Pure Romance. From the employees who work at the Corporate Office to the thousands of Consultants who empower women every day in the field, Pure Romance believes in spreading education and furthering awareness of women's sexual health issues. In addition to the charitable organizations to which we donate our time and money, Pure Romance works in conjunction with organizations that focus on everything from scientific research into women’s sexual health to the education of young women affected by breast cancer.

That and every girl deserves a Night Out. Pure Romance is great for birthday parties, showers and so much more...also just a night with your friends:) 

One Lucky Reader will get a 25 dollar gift certificate to use at Pure Romance By Stephanie. 


Monkey Peace and ROMANCE to all! 

HUGE 6 Artist Giveaway

HUGE 6 Artist Giveaway 

You may ask, why 6 Monkeys? 

Because, thanks to our readers and fans 
Sock Monkey Sweeps 
Because, of this, 6 artists have decided to give one LUCKY reader all of this loot! 
These are artists that must create with their hands, in any medium. We would like to support them while they give these wonderful prizes to one of our readers. 

 The Prize Package Is: (Drum Roll Please Monkeys) 
Pet Pigeons Is giving one original handmade
 hand-painted with 100% Nail Polish wooden earring and/or hanging ornament. 




CRIB COUTURE is giving one tutu dress with matching
hair ribbon!

ROZART is giving one bead bracelet in the color and design of
winner's choice 
Cozy Creations is doing two prizes, this
beautiful bow
And this ADORABLE owl hat
6 Months size 

Last But SOOO Not Least...

Princess Grace Tu Tu's is giving one Tu Tu of Winner's Choice! 

 This is such an exciting giveaway. All of these artists work hard and tap into their creative juices to give us beautiful items to treasure! Thank you to all the sponsors of this wonderful package. 

Sock Monkey Sweeps is so honored to promote these artist's and their work! 

This giveaway will end at 12:01 am On October 1st, 2011.
Open to USA and CANADA only.  

There are daily tasks that can rack up your entries. 


Monkey Peace and Love To All! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to Enter Rafflecopter Giveaways Easy and Fast

How to Enter Rafflecopter Giveaways Easy And Fast 

The number ONE question I get from new bloggers and non bloggers alike is how do I enter blog giveaways? Well, if they are blog comment giveaways you can follow the same tips I am about to give you, except it will take you longer to enter. You will find that once you start entering blog giveaways, there will be a sense of relief come over you when you see


You can rest assured that no matter what you do on this form, Rafflecopter will fairly and randomly pick one action to award the prize too. So you can just enter away, knowing that every step will be counted. 

These are the things you have to do to start entering blog giveaways, form, blog comment or rafflecopter giveaways. 

  • Get a Gmail email account. Go to Gmail sign up. Use something easy to type. 
  • Create a blog, even if you don't want to use it, go on blogger and get one. Name it whatever you want. Its just for giveaways. That is all, so no pressure. 
  • Create a twitter, DO NOT USE YOUR PERSONAL ONE, create one with the same name as your blog to use only for giveaways. 
  • Create a facebook profile, NOT YOUR PERSONAL ONE, another one just for giveaways. Do not add your friends. Only add bloggers, coupon sites and people you meet in this world, the blogging world. Leave it simple. Because when you cant sleep and you enter 100 giveaways, do you want your real friends to know?..NO. 

Now, you have everything you need to start entering giveaways. Now. your best odds are low entry linkys, google that exactly. You will find lots of blog comment giveaways listed here. They are harder to enter, hence less entries. We have a low linky here on Sock Monkey Sweeps. But, we also have a RAFFLECOPTER only linky, and this is what you are going to learn today. 

  1. Sign into your "giveaway" Facebook. Leave it open in a tab. Open a new tab. 
  2. Sign into your twitter, go ahead and click, keep me signed in. And you will never have to again. Its easier that way, and it is only for giveaways. Open a new tab. 
  3. Open your blog. Whatever your url is, keep it on bookmark. Then open a new tab. 
  4. Google Rafflecopter only giveaways or simply go here to start Sock Monkey Rafflecopter Only Link Up.
  5. Now find one that you like and go there, look for ones ending soon. Enter those first. Giveaways using Rafflecopter that have under 200 entries have great odds. Because, that is not 200 people, that is 200 clicks. 
  6. The first action will always be a blog comment, or they will ask you to go to sponsors website and pick your favorite item. Open a NEW tab and do this. Its shows respect. Browse through their merchandise. Then close this tab. 
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and leave a blog comment, answering whatever hosts ask. This will ALWAYS be mandatory. Then click..I DID THIS, when it asks for your email, use your "giveaway" email address. ALWAYS. 
  8. Mandatory entries are listed in BOLD at the top of the RC. You must complete all of these actions. 
  9. Next you will be asked to like facebook pages of host and sponsor. EASY. You just click "like" then click I DID THIS, because you already signed into your "giveaway" facebook  this will work like a breeze, do all of these in the form. It will ask for your facebook name so that the host can verify, type in your "giveaway" fb name, ONLY.  
  10. You will also be asked to Follow using GFC the blog you are on, that is Google Friends Connect, well you are signed into a Google Blog, so this is VERY easy. Just look for a group of pictures with a button that says join this site. Join, then click Follow. And go back to RC and click I did this. Since you have a gmail and google blog, these emails will match. 
  11. Next, you will be ask to follow pages on twitter, well, you already have your twitter opened. So you just click follow. Then enter your "giveaway" twitter name. These are quick. Do them all. 
  12. By this time you are DEEP into the extra entries section. This means, you do not have to complete these actions. But, if this is something you want do it all. Do not worry, I will tell you how! 
  13. If they ask you to grab their button, you can sometimes get 5 entries for doing this. Look on their blog, you will see, grab my button. Copy the code. Open your blog. Click design in upper right hand corner, hit advanced then template, or layout if you are using the new blogger dashboard. You will see these areas on your layout that say ADD A GADGET. Click one and pick the HTML/JAVA option. Paste their button code their and save. Then save layout. Now their button is on your site. Copy the url in your address bar and open the giveaway again. Click I DID THIS, they will ask where you put the button, or it will say extra info. Paste that url in that little box. So they can find it. DONE.  5 entries. (do not do it for under 5 entries) 
  14. They may ask you to blog about the giveaway for up to 5 entries. If it is for 5 or more, and you really want the item then do the following. RIght click the item in the giveaway you are trying to win and save it to your hard drive. Copy the url in your address bar. Open your blog hit new post in upper right hand corner. Then title it, great giveaway. Hit the little picture button. Add the picture then say win this here and post the link, by hitting the link button up top in tool bar. And your done. Copy your url again. Go back. Click I did this, and paste that link in info box for proof. 
  15. They may ask you to vote for them on things like Picket Fences, its easy, do it, if they give you a link. If not. Do not go look for it, for less than 2 entries. 
  16. Sometimes you will be asked to follow them on network blogs, sometimes there will be a link there. Other times, you will have to look for it. It looks like GFC with pictures, except it is orange. Do it, its easy. Then click. I DID IT 
  17. The only other thing you will ALWAYS be asked is to subscribe to the blog...that means you will enter your email address in a little box on their blog that says, subscribe. Its easy, use your "giveaway" email. Then when you are done for the day. Open your email and confirm all of those subscriptions. Nothing worse then that being the click that wins you that prize, but you did not confirm. 
  18. Many hosts will add SO MANY things that it is impossible to list them all, every host is different. But, now that you know how it works. You can choose to follow those prompts or not. 
  19. One new popular one is..add this to a linky. Ok, no problem. Add it here Sock Monkey Rafflecopter only and get your extra entries :) 
  20. Next, you will find the ONCE A DAY BOX. Usually this will have tweet this giveaway. Do it, you hit TWEET. Message is already there. A box will pop up and you hit post. Then open your twitter tab and hit profile, that tweet should be your last one. At the bottom of the tweet it will say, 38 seconds or whatever your time stamp is, click that. Then copy the url in the box that pops up with your solo tweet. Go back to giveaway hit, I DID IT, and copy that URL in the box, for your proof. If you want this, bookmark it, and go back and do this everyday 
  21. On the ONCE A DAY BOX, it will sometimes say facebook this, go ahead and do it. Your new awesome facebook is all about giveaways, so your not spamming anyone. Update about it, then send them the url or sometimes the update. Do this daily. 

Now, you have entered a RAFFLECOPTER giveaway! Congrats! Now, if you want to enter a blog comment giveaway, once again better odds. But, you will be asked to do all of this...and leave a comment for EACH action. So now after reading this you may understand the sigh of relief when you see this handy little gadget. 

Now, if you get addicted and want to build your blog and make it all pretty. Go to the 
Sock Monkey Sweeps Design Cave and order your free Header and Button, just for reading this blog. Just fill out the form and put in description this coupon word....LOVETHECOPTER. And the monkeys will get busy making your blog all pretty! 
If you start using your blog, add a page for friends and put all those buttons you grab on one page. Then use that URL in the copter. 

I hope that this will help you enter more often and more effectively. You will get so fast at this, you will not be able to stop! 

Just do not become a hoarder with all those wonderful prizes:) 

Monkey Love and Peace to All 

Sock Monkey Mills 

Monday, September 19, 2011


Seventeen Sirens 

This is a blog that I enjoy! Her button is always on my monkey pals page. 

She has two great giveaways ending soon!

The first one I JUST HAVE TO WIN! 

Harmony..mmmmm sounds good, this awesome planner could correct alot of issues. I live off of my smart phone, and sometimes it dies. Between my preschool, the plays, my kids, my husbands schedule, my Improc troupe, doctors appt, chiropractor appts...blah blah blah..I NEED THIS! 

So dont go enter...Ok Do, but I am going to win! 

 enter here 

She also has one that My little one has her  eye on....

Why? because a girl can never have to many flavored lip balm before she can wear makeup! ha 

One winner will get a lip balm! 
enter here 

Good me. :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Greater Cause Giveaway 




During the Monkeys time face book playing, we found an interesting artist. 

Jessica, a military wife and mother has started a business to help her family and others. 

She started a business with something she enjoyed doing while helping others at the same time. For this reason, She is perfect for Sock Monkey Sweeps. 

Jessica owns Support and Awareness Ribbons, a small business where she sells key chains that she hand makes in the color of your choice, so that you can support your cause. 

Her cause is obvious 

10 percent of all of her sales goes to 

This money goes to help some of our fallen heroes. You can find more about this organization here....Wounded Warrior Project

Also, in October she is giving 25 percent of her sales to the 
More information about this organization here ......Susan G Komen for the cure

This is a great example of how a simple creative idea can help so many and provide for your family. 

 She can make the key chains in your choice of available colors. 
 to support your cause. If she does not have the color, check with her and she will let you know if it is available.  Above is her Halloween key chain. I just ordered one for autism awareness. 

She has all different colors and soon will be offering bracelets. 

This giveaway is being sponsored by Support and Awareness Ribbons

She is giving away prizes to 3 different winners! 

Please, complete Rafflecopter below. This contest is good in USA, Canada and Japan

Ends at 12:01 a.m. on 9/26 

Lets show her support! 


Friday, September 16, 2011

We Build Your Banners, Buttons and Headers

One reason why I support the arts...happens to be...some might say I am one. 

I find joy in creating. This also runs over to the work I do here while blogging. If you are new to blogging or pc work in general. I can help! Just go to my Design page and I can build what you need and I will give you the codes for "grab my button" and these other scary things. :) 

I can build custom banners of any shape or size...any design...with pictures. You name it. I can build it, code it and hand it over to you. 

Sock Monkey Designs

See you there, ask questions. No question is a bad one, I am here to help! 

See ya in the design cave, monkeys to work! 

:) Monkey love and peace

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

$50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway To Support The Dustin Kahlil Band

Support Gulf Coast Musicians 

Almost Famous Giveaway 

Down in Biloxi, MS lives a voice. This voice has a sound that once you hear its tone, becomes a part of you. Dustin Kahlil has been writing music for over 20 years. He has played showcases in New York and all over the country. He has put together a group of musicians that is beyond words talented. A breathe of fresh air in the indie scene. 

If you put the experience of these four musicians together you would have around 100 years of musical training, playing and creating. The roads have been walked by these four in every direction and their talent has brought them to a crossroads. 

They have been offered several showcases around the country. This is where Sock Monkey Sweeps wants to help. The cost of traveling to these showcases for  4 musicians from the Katrina torn area of the MS GulfCoast is hard to obtain. The studio time alone it takes to make something like this feasible is a steep hill, while living in an area stuck in a constant state of rebuilding. 

These boys have played the French Quarter of New Orleans, where music in so many facets was born. They have walked the same streets as some legends and have paved their way on their own hard work and dedication. 

This is what ART, is about. Lets send these boys where they need to go, so that they not only bless the coast with their talents but the whole world. 

Sock Monkey Sweeps is providing the prize for this fundraising giveaway. We do not only help artists of paint, metal and clay. Every art is important to us, and these men deserve every chance they can get to see where this road brings them.  We are proud to support them in any way possible! 

Listen to Dustin Kahlil here, 

He just added some songs from his upcoming album! 
here, just like, click and hit Music! WOW
The Dustin Kahlil Band Facebook

Grab your ear phones, you decide. I promise after moments of hearing his voice you will know you want to support them too. It is haunting, different and enchanting. And all they need is to take that step. 

Sock Monkey Sweeps Is Giving Away a 50 dollar Amazon Gift Card and 3 autographed cd's when they are released! 



Wins a Gift Certificate in the Value of 50.00

And The Grand Prize Winner and 2 other winners will win One Autographed CD when they are released 

Also, besides entering the giveaway, Donations are appreciated. 



Donate to Support the Artist. 

Now that you FEEL AWESOME, because you are...fill out the raffle copter below!

Fundraising Ideas
powered by:
Easy Fundraising

Monkey love and Peace to all!

Leave a comment on Dustin Kahlils facebook page saying hello and that you are a Sponsor!!


IMPORTANT: you can enter the giveaway without donating. Donations are appreciated and count for extra entries in the giveaway. Help us Support the Arts. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I love it when other blogger support amazing artists!

So I am going to tell you about this awesome giveaway!

There is this artist that does all sorts of beautiful paintings, she also does pop art portraits!

Her etsy shop is located here 

Check it out! 

This is a pop art portrait she did of the bloggers child! 


and win your VERY OWN! GOOD LUCK TO ALL! 

Support the Arts! 

To my teenage self..

These are the things I would say to my teenage or younger self. Been on my mind, as many young ones that I admire venture out into this relentless real world. Many of these things I learned the hard way. I am a "not so old" adult so maybe one thing will resonate with someone...just putting it out there.

  • There is no fire. Do not rush. Breathe. Enjoy your youth. It is more fleeting than you can even imagine.

  • Do not turn down an opportunity for anyone else other than yourself. Think over everything. Clear your mind and picture yourself in this situation. Take chances. Safe ones.

  • Treat your body well. Stretch daily. Take time to quiet your mind. If you let your mind rest, the universe will fall where it needs to fall….every time.

  • Study. Study Hard. Learn everything you can before your days are interrupted by the constant chime of everyone needing something from you.

  • When you feel different. KNOW that everyone else does too.

  • Work hard. Very hard. In every job you have, do not spend your time hanging and goofing off with co workers. Watch the managers and owners. Be friend them. Even if this gets you ridiculed by less working employees. Figure out the difference in good leadership and bad leadership then model yourself after the good ones.

  • Watch successful people. Learn everything you can about business. Strive to be your own boss.

  • Learn a trade.

  • Find something that you love and turn it into something wonderful. Use your talents. Never put your talents on the back burner, it is a sacrifice you will regret for a long time. And you will later after to rekindle those talents and mourn for the time lost.

  • Realize that sometimes…adults are wrong. Realize this early. No one is super human. EVERYONE is just doing the best they can.

  • Listen to your mom…her gut and heart is there to protect you. Given to her by nature. If your mom tells you to avoid a situation. Avoid it. No questions asked. She is not trying to control you. She is trying to love you. It’s that simple.

  • Wash your face every night. No matter how tired you are. WASH YOUR FACE. Your skin may be flawless but leaving dirt on your face will dry it out quicker and believe me…the wrinkles can not wait to make an appearance.

  • Remember, that everything you do right now will be with you forever. Your body is not a trash can for other people to dump into. It is your body, your heart and your soul. Protect it.

  • If you are handed a free ride to college. Take it. Please.

  • Enjoy your college years. Try to stay single. Learn about yourself. Travel. See the world. Do as much as you can to become more solid in who you are, love yourself.

  • Marriage is just not an option. At 25 you will go through a major change. At 35 you will again. If you decide to marry someone, this better be the hardest working person you know. Because until you go through the changes of your twenties with someone…you have NO IDEA the work it takes to keep that bond. It happens. I got lucky. But, it is rare. VERY rare.

  • Your real friends are the ones that know everything about you and are still there. Most of the friends you have now will not be there in the future. Life goes through cleaning cycles. Let it happen. Growth is important.

  • Work towards owning your own business. Wait until you can set your schedule. And have time..Before children are even a thought.

  • Do not rush this…if you have them too young you will miss so much while you yourself is still growing. Grow first. Then raise humans. You will enjoy the adventure more.

  • If anyone around you makes you feel bad about yourself. They need to go now. Surround yourself with positive people. Smile. Laugh. And Be Yourselves..Because you are beautiful just how you are.

  • Do not waste your time trying to become something you are not. The universe will knock you right back to where you were in the first place. Every time. You are the best you. Own it.

  • Be creative. Build things. Use your hands. Turn off the TV. Turn off the games. Use those things for relaxation..Not a replacement for your life. LIVE.

  • Volunteer. Use your talents to help others. Once your hobby becomes a job. It is no longer a hobby.

  • Pay attention. The world will give you signs. There is a path. You just have to quit worrying long enough to let it happen.

  • Guard your beliefs. They will change over time. But, make sure you stand for your passions. Being strong is not a weakness. Letting everyone use your strength is.

  • Sit in a mountain valley with your feet in a stream. Close your eyes and hear your mind.

  • SLOW DOWN. There is nothing so important to affect your health.

  • You do not have to be perfect. You do not have to be anything but you.

  • Your family will always love, even if you make a mistake. But, use their guidance and try to make very few big ones. They know people better than you do….listen.

  • Learn to listen to people. Look in their eyes. Pay attention. BE there. Put the phone down. Stop texting. And look at the people around you. They are there with you.

  • Face book is not real. So do not spend your time envying someone that just ran their 5th marathon. They may be typing that from their couch with a bag of lays on their lap.

  • Walk. Walk. Walk. Use the stairs.

  • Listen to your body. Always. You will know if something is not right.

  • Breathe.

  • When you are driving. That is all you are doing. Your light is to bright to be put out by a text you received about someone else’s drama. Protect yourself. Wear your seat belt. And NEVER EVER EVER drink and drive. This is possible. Very possible. It takes planning. Do it.

  • Listen to as much music as you can. It will calm you. Watch birds. Talk to your grandparents, hear their stories. They will mean SO much later.

  • The scenery around you will change before you know it. Enjoy the time with the people you have. Respect your parents. They are human. Some may be dumb. That is ok. They love you. So they are the best people to turn too. Unconditional love is the greatest gift of your life.

  • There is more than ONE love for you in your life. So there is no race. The person you are right now..will not even resemble the same person in 20 years. Remember that. You do not know everything…Not yetJ

  • And last but not least. Wear sunscreen. Lots of it. Because one day your cute freckles will have a meeting and they won’t part ways. It will happen.
Live, Breathe, Laugh, and Love------But, keep your eyes open. Learn from the good, avoid the bad. 

SockMonkey Mills :)